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Nice - Cimiez

From the 1860’s, the County of Nice became a favourite winter resort for large aristocratic families from all over Europe. Among them, the English were the most numerous, and with the arrival of the train, it was the beginning of the “Belle Epoque”.

In 1863, the English community gave a grand celebration in honour of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark, and Queen Victoria soon took up her winter quarters on the Cimiez Hill.

It is therefore in honour of the Queen’s eldest son, Albert Edward of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha, Prince of Wales and future King Edward VII, that we have both the Avenue Prince de Galles and the Boulevard Edouard VII in Cimiez.

Around 1890, in the wake of construction of the numerous Palace-Hotels in Cimiez, the Prince de Galles Hotel was built on the corner of Boulevard de Cimiez and Avenue Prince de Galles.

Like its majestic cousins, the Regina Palace or Winter Palace, it did not survive World War II, and would be transformed into apartments in 1947.

The Prince de Galles Palace is today fortunately preserved in an excellent state by its co-owners, and with a great location in the heart of Cimiez neighbourhood, it is one of the jewels of Belle Epoque architecture.

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