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Our Partners

Prestigious, national and local BRANDS

Whether for exclusive services, organizing local events, or co-branding operations, Cimiez Boulevard partners with the most prestigious brands.

Boisgirard – Antonini

With a detailed knowledge of prestigious properties, Cimiez Boulevard is the natural partner of the famed Boisgirard-Antonini auction house.

See the website of Boisgirard – Antonini

Contrastes Voyages

Cimiez Boulevard and Contrastes Voyages have chosen to be partners to reaffirm their common commitments and values: listening, good advice and quality of service. We share the same ambition to guide you during the important times in your life.

See the website of Contrastes Voyages

Académie Internationale d’Été de Nice

For 25 years, our commitment to Cimiez has not wavered. Cimiez Boulevard is proud to be partners with Nice Classic Live and to share some moments of pure emotion.

See the website of Académie Internationale d’Été de Nice


When climbing the Cimiez Hill, next to the Arenas of Cimiez, it is impossible to miss the totem of the former "Prisunic". Like Cimiez Boulevard, Monoprix in Cimiez is part of the landscape, so we have very naturally entered into a partnership.

See the website of Monoprix

Fem'immo Attitude

An association of dynamic women working in the real estate industry, with a taste for sharing, mutual aid and the strength of the network. Within Cimiez Boulevard Groupe Miryam, Isabelle, Karine and Christine ... of #Femimmo, of course!

See the website of Fem'immo Attitude