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Our Commitments to serve your real estate projects


Commitment n° 1: Truly personalized support and advice

The dynamics and expertise of our team of professionals is based on:

  • vast knowledge of the local market
  • a perfect understanding of the most modern technologies
  • essential legal and technical skills
  • a network of successful partners

We therefore adopt the most appropriate strategy for each specific scenario, in order to ensure the optimal success of your real estate project.

An “intuitu personae” relationship with our clients is at the heart of our strategy.


Commitment n° 2: An objective estimated valuation

Cimiez Boulevard uses a rigorous methodology to provide an objective determination of sale or rental prices of real estate: the estimated value of an apartment or house cannot be improvised, nor can it be summed up in an (obviously) imprecise mathematical algorithm.

Human experience and rigorous analysis of historical market data are indispensable and complementary to a truly professional approach.



Commitment n° 3: Optimal visibility of your offer for sale

With websites and social networks, Cimiez Boulevard has been present and N ° 1 on the web since its creation. We also select the best performing national and local media that are most suited to our clientele. Cimiez Boulevard has an exclusive partnership with a number of them.

Regarding our digital strategy, it is entirely dedicated to the visibility of your offer for sale. We want to reach the maximum number of potential buyers or tenants for your property.

As a founding member of MLS Côte d’Azur and Prestige MLS, Cimiez Boulevard has a collaborative approach entrenched in its genes. It has a unique way to optimize the search for potential buyers, both locally and internationally.


Commitment n° 4: Be 100% professional

The complexity of the legal framework pertaining to the real estate sector today provides for many regulatory constraints, whether for buyers, sellers, tenants or lessors.

With these legal and technical complexities in mind, it would be easy to choose to ignore our real estate brokerage responsibilities by refraining from assisting clients in the drafting of legal documents: preliminary sales agreement, sales agreement, leases, etc.

On the other hand, at Cimiez Boulevard, we consider that such responsibilities are an integral part of our mission, and are therefore included in our fees.

Moreover, by adopting the use of an electronic signature with our partner MyNotary, we bring you a simpler, faster and more efficient service.


Entrust your property to us