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Matisse in Cimiez: a story of passion

In 1931, Matisse, influenced over several years by the light of Nice, set up his workshop in Cimiez: first in a garage that he rented on rue Désiré Niel, then in the Regina, where he bought two apartments on the 3rd floor. He remained there until his death in 1954.

The Matisse museum has been housed, since 1963, in a splendid 17th century Genoese villa, in the middle of the Park of the Arenas olive grove.

The museum collection houses a set of paintings, gouaches, drawings, collages, sketches, and sculptures. You can also see some of the artist’s personal belongings.

The works in this collection follow on from one another in 18 ‘ensembles’, among which are some of his most famous paintings.


Musée Matisse
164, Avenue des Arènes de Cimiez 06000 Nice
Phone/Booking: +33(0)4 93 81 08 08