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The Arenas of Cimiez and the Park of the Arenas

Forming an ellipse of 56 meters by 67, the “Cemelenum” arena with a capacity of 4,000 spectators and now, half in ruins, was the former ‘playground’ of Roman gladiators.

Around the Arenas, the Park and its olive grove remains a prestigious place for various festivals, such as the Mayday Festival. With a bit of imagination, we can still hear the jazz chords of the old festival.

Today, the families of Cimiez have made the Park of the Arenas their favourite place for a stroll and relaxation.

The “Park of the Arenas” is indeed an ideal place to spend a pleasant day: picnic in the shade of olive trees, play on the lawns, visit the Archaeological Museum and the Matisse Museum, and discover the Roman ruins.

The Park is a haven of greenery and relaxation in the heart of Cimiez.

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