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Our History, Your Agency: a human and professional adventure

Our vision & our mission, our team, our passions & our values: we do not hide anything, we tell you everything …

Cimiez Boulevard is, above all, a human story made up of encounters, passions and the sharing of common values.

These values are exemplified by Jean-Laurent Lepeu, Founding President of Cimiez Boulevard. He has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of the real estate industry. He is also the founder of MLS Côte d’Azur, an organization with nearly 500 agencies across the department, and Prestige MLS, the first International Business Club dedicated to luxury real estate agencies.

Cimiez Boulevard is a passion, always being reinvigorated to provide for an exceptional neighbourhood, full of art, history and culture. As far as we are concerned, living in Cimiez is a privilege. In light of this, we want to share this privilege, this art of living and, we have therefore chosen to specialize in this neighbourhood.


A comprehensive service to support all your real estate projects

Cimiez Boulevard has developed a new strategy of dedicated services, available through four trade names:

  • Cimiez Boulevard  is the prime offering of the group, with all its team dedicated to residential real estate in Cimiez
  • Estate Boulevard is the service dedicated to personalized rental management and rental services, with a specialized team and a new rental optimization offering: “Rental Staging®”.
  • Riviera Boulevard  is the service dedicated to high-end residential and professional real estate for the whole Côte d’Azur, outside the Cimiez area.
  • Asset Boulevard is an asset management and support service for real estate activities and financial investment, for both individuals and professionals.


Our mission, our commitments : to provide you with the best service

Whatever your real estate project, our mission is to provide you with a guarantee of best service:

  • A totally personalized customer approach, and the most appropriate service according to your project
  • A perfect knowledge of the market, and an objective estimated valuation of your property
  • The best visibility for your offer for sale on the internet and other social networks, locally and internationally
  • The writing of all your legal documents

Entrust your property to us