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Cimiez Boulevard is one of the most renowned real estate agencies on the French Riviera, recognized for its professionalism and knowledge of the high-end residential market in Nice and its surrounding areas.

With a strong presence, developed over more than 25 years, in the areas of Cimiez, Rimiez & Gairaut, Cimiez Boulevard provides a complete range of services dedicated to all your real estate projects: purchase, rent and sale of houses or luxury apartments, personalized rental management, as well as an asset management service.


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Enables you to benefit from
25 years of experience
serving the neighbourhood

Has completed more than
40 000
real estate projects

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12 member team
to help you with your projects

Achieves a
95 %
customer satisfaction rate

Places you
on search engines

Can claim
a 40%
market share

Only Cimiez Boulevard can offer you both the N.1's expertise and all the strength of the MLS Cote d'Azur.

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Our Clients Talk About Us

Villa, Nice Cimiez

Si vous avez un bien à vendre à Nice sur Cimiez ou ailleurs vous pouvez faire confiance à CIMIEZ BOULEVARD.

andré_raimondi | septembre 2017

3 pièces, Nice Cimiez

C’est une très bonne agence. Compétence, disponibilité et courtoisie. À recommander.

catherine06 | août 2017

6 pièces, Gairaut

Une équipe aussi compétente qu'humaine. Les autres agences devraient prendre exemple

manu06 | juillet 2018

Studio, Cimiez

Grâce à Cimiez boulevard j'ai réussi à trouver un sutdio rapidement et dans mon budget

melimelo | mars 2018

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