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MLS Exclusive Multi- Distribution Mandate: one sale out of two on the French Riviera

In an exclusive “classic” mandate, the distribution of the property offer for sale to potential buyers is the responsibility of a sole agent. The visibility of the property offer for sale is therefore dependent solely on the “strike force” of a particular mandated agency, and therefore somewhat limited.

In an MLS exclusive multi-distribution mandate®, the agency is solely responsible for marketing but has the obligation to share its mandate with all of its colleagues in MLS. It is therefore visible and available for visits, by all clients of the 500 member agencies in the Alpes Maritimes.

The visibility of the property for sale is therefore multiplied exponentially. This provides the client with access to a larger number of potential purchasers.

The performance of the MLS exclusive multi-distribution mandate is well proven. It now represents more than one real estate transaction out of two on the French Riviera.

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