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Our values, keystones of our company


The solidarity of a team

Cimiez Boulevard is, above all, about a human adventure, a specific management philosophy, based on trust and solidarity. The harmony within the team, the pleasure of working together, and the pursuit of excellence in human relationships, are our key values.

They are at your service for all your real estate projects.


The memory of a Hill

From the Roman practitioners of Cemenelum to the Dominicans of the Monastery, from Queen Victoria to Matisse, from Leopold II to Chagall, from René-Jean Dupuy to Berthe Morizot, from Sebastien-Marcel Biasini to Romain Gary, there are so many remarkable men and women who have made the Cimiez Hill a unique place, charged with the grandeur of their own history.

Their infinite love for the softness of its light still radiates in Cimiez.

At Cimiez Boulevard, we have an acute awareness of our responsibility to engage, very modestly, in a journey initiated by these remarkable men and women.


The dynamics of a territory worth preserving

Cimiez is a living place, always evolving, and enjoying a unique natural and green environment in Nice. Cimiez Boulevard cannot abdicate itself from its double responsibility to contribute to its dynamics and preservation.

We contribute by providing an answer to the modern challenges of the area, with our involvement in the life of the neighbourhood, our blog, and our commitment related to sustainable development,


We put our clients at the centre of everything we do

Our fierce determination is to deserve our position as the leader in the provision of Cimiez real estate services, without compromise. Even if it means challenging ourselves every day.

Therefore, we have fully integrated the permanent pursuit of our clients’ interests into our approach, our processes and our organization.

And this, before any other consideration.


Entrust your property to us