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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Oscar Wilde"

Miryam began her career in real estate in Italy as co-manager of the family business in 1997. A small neighbourhood shop that enabled her to learn as much in the field as in the back office. Passionate about foreign languages and attracted by new challenges, she started her collaboration with a French company in 2009.

Over 4 years, she managed a business club of real estate agencies which focused on the high-end market internationally and she discovered a taste for e-marketing and communication.

In 2011, along with others, she received the Real Estate Innovation Lady Award from the Italian association AREL. She is also President-Founder of the French association Fem’immo Attitude – les femmes au cœur de l’immobilier (women at the heart of the real estate industry).

Since 2014, she has been supporting Jean-Laurent Lepeu in the management of the company and she is responsible for presenting the best of real estate offerings and services of the Cimiez Boulevard group of trade names. And she is having fun!


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