Jean-Laurent LEPEU

President & Founder

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"Stones have no hope of being anything but stones. However, through collaboration they get themselves together and become a temple. Saint-Exupéry"

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Jean-Laurent is a serial entrepreneur, autonomous and independent, whose areas of expertise include both the different aspects of real estate and NTICs. His company vision is based upon the priority given to the quality of human relationships, his employees’ personal fulfilment, and his clients’ satisfaction, before any other consideration.

With these convictions and his dual expertise, he has set up several companies or organizations, each of which has had a marked impact within its field by the relevance of its vision, and its capacity for innovation:

  • Cimiez Boulevard in 1993, which quickly became the leader in the Cimiez residential market in Nice.
  • MLS Côte d’Azur in 2001, which is today the most important local MLS organization in France.
  • Imminence in 2001, a company specializing in the development of IT solutions for the real estate sector.
  • Prestige MLS in 2008, the first European Business Club dedicated to luxury real estate services.

Jean-Laurent today focuses on:

  • Further development of the Cimiez Boulevard group and its various associated trade names.
  • The Presidency of MLS Côte d’Azur, with new measures to be taken in organizing and regulating collaboration between its 2,000 real estate agents
  • Consulting activities with several major real estate players in France and Europe.