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7 Good Reasons to Entrust Cimiez Boulevard

You want to sell your property at the right price as quickly as possible, and in full confidence. Cimiez Boulevard offers you the service that best suits to your needs:

  • A sincere and objective valuation of your property, thanks to our Observatory for Property Prices.
  • Our website www.cimiez-boulevard.fr is # 1 on Google on the main keywords related to real estate in Cimiez
  • We offer you the best local visibility for your property, through our active participation as a founding member in the French Riviera MLS (only if Mutiple Listing®)
  • We list your property trough an international network of over 100 real estate agencies worldwide, thanks to our participation in Prestige MLS
  • We offer you a personalized marketing plan, and a dissemination of your offer in the most appropriate media
  • We edit a complete property sale folder, in order to be able to answer all questions from potential buyers
  • We support you in all stages of the transaction, including the drafting of the pre-sales contract


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